A home away from home where infants develop key skills. 

Ages 7 - 8 years – Our Eagle Class is the first class of Key Stage 2, the second stage of primary. It is here that the children take responsibility for their own learning and work independently.



Throughout Key Stage 2 the following skills are developed:

Cognitive /Emotional - Children will grow in self-confidence and are encouraged to be creative and imaginative, beginning to form and defend their own ideas. We encourage children to develop their own personality and allow them to express it in their creative work.

Language – Building on previous knowledge we work to broaden and enhance vocabulary, creating a greater awareness of different types of text, tuning their style of language to suit the listener or reader.

Maths – We consolidate mental maths agility, using it effectively to solve a series of word problems, reflecting the outside word. Children discover different methods of solving problems and learn to choose the best one.

Topic- The broader curriculum expands, opening up to them the subjects of science, history and geography. Physical processes such as forces and magnetism; geographical concepts include The Water Cycle and the Earth’s structure; while in History we look at important events in the past, including Roman civilisation and its influence on our culture today.

Personal / Moral / Spiritual – We are very proud that the pupils who finally leave The Eagles are made very welcome in their new schools, having developed the necessary skills to succeed in the next stage of their education, and taking with them our ethos of hard work, dedication and good behaviour.



How can I find out more?

We invite interested parents to arrange an appointment to visit the school and receive further information.