A superior environment for young children

Our teachers are fully aware of the latest educational developments from the UK and follow all the Department for Education guidelines and requirements. They are also fully aware of the latest educational developments in Spain and follow all The Ministry of Education guidelines and requirements.



Early Years (Kindergarten & Reception)

Children in these classes experience many child-centered activities throughout the day.

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Key Stage 1 (Year 1 & Year 2)

This is an exciting and interesting stage of educational development because children are gradually becoming independent thinkers and absorbing subject knowledge continually. They are eager to learn and building on their Early Years experiences, children gain greater confidence and develop self-esteem.

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Our Eagle Class is the first class of Key Stage 2, the second stage of Primary. It is here that the children take responsibility for their own learning and work independently.

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Key Stage 2 (Year 3)



How can I find out more?

We invite interested parents to arrange an appointment to visit the school and receive further information.