Developing skills for success in Key Stage 1 and beyond.

Ages 4 - 7 years – The Hedgehog and the Owl classes are settled and confident in the school environment. They are always ready to learn and work hard with both their teachers and each other.

The children work as a whole class, in small groups and individually. Carpet time is also important during sessions. As the Key Stage progresses, so does the children’s ability and overall confidence. The children are always encouraged to give their best, be kind to others at all times and begin to take responsibility for their own actions, making good choices and thinking carefully.



Throughout Key Stage 1 the following skills are developed:


The sessions are fun and creative where speaking and listening is enhanced throughout. Phonics and reading continue to develop from Early Years; and in writing, new skills are introduced: punctuation, grammar and comprehension.

Numeracy——Number and calculation skills are further developed with the introduction of multiplication and division. Other areas such as money, fractions, shape, measurement and handling data are taught with a “hands on” approach.


Children develop a sense of curiosity in Science. They are encouraged to ask questions and observe phenomena. Scientific language is developed and subject knowledge is enhanced.

Wider Curriculum

Whole school topics encompass all other curriculum areas. Children gain great skills from a creative whole school approach. It provides all children with broad and balanced  learning which encourages creativity and inspires in them a commitment to learning that will last a lifetime.



How can I find out more?

We invite interested parents to arrange an appointment to visit the school and receive further information.